Fire Door Surveys. 

Fire Door Surveys. 

Your vital defence against fire. 

The fire doors in your building help stop the spread of flame and smoke and act as an effective barrier against the spread of harmful toxins. You rely on your fire doors to assist in the safe evacuation all your occupants, including wheelchair uses. 

When we carry out a fire door survey at your premises, you receive: 

A comprehensive inspection of all fire doors in your building in accordance with British Standards 
Testing and analysis of the fire resistance of each of the fire doors, to identify if they are correct for their intended application (30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.) 
Review of all fire door installation to ascertain if they are installed correctly 
Checks for any damage, or potential for oil leakage 
Advice on whether the intumescent and fire-rated hardware of each door is correct 
A thorough, easy-to-understand report of our findings 
Detailed recommendations for improvements or risks of non-compliance 
Introductions to specialists to carry out installation and remedial work 

Minimise fire damage 

Robust fire doors will slow or stop the spread of fire to minimise the damage to your building 

Meet your insurance obligations 

Don’t compromise your cover. With regular fire door inspections you keep up with your obligations under your buildings insurance. 

Protect your people 

Effective escape routes and reducing the spread of smoke will reduce the risk to life in the event of a fire. 

When to get your fire doors assessed 

Every 6 months - At a minimum, your fire doors must be inspected every 6 months, to comply with BS 9999 
Changes to the building - Any redesign, reshuffle, or total interior rehaul, will prompt another inspection of your fire doors 

Why choose us? 

Competent: Your fire doors inspections must be carried out by competent individuals to guarantee their validity. When you work with us, you are guaranteed an inspector who is qualified and uniquely trained to carry out fire door inspections. 
Qualified: Our inspectors are NEBOSH, ASFP, the FPA, FDIS certified and complete 30 hours of Continuous Professional Development every year. All team members are recognised specialists by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and The Institution of Fire Engineers. 
Experienced: With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, our team can spot the signs of fallibilities. You can trust their advice, crafted through years of experience and training. 
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