Commercial Services. 

Commercial Services. 

Passive fire protection for office blocks. 

Investing in passive fire protection is one of the ways in which you can demonstrate to potential tenants that you’re a trustworthy, responsible landlord who values the safety of your occupants. 

We help commercial landlords to look out for their tenants 

and stay on top of your obligations under your insurance policy with the following services: 

Staff training 
Monitored evacuation drills 

Why work with us? 

We’re flexible with the times that we work and the way in which we work. You can ask us to come in on evening and weekends, when the building is emptier. We’re conscious of minimising disruption to your occupants. We can work also as an outsourced partner. We take all the responsibility for keeping up to date with the latest fire safety legislation and we’ll monitor your FRAs to make sure you never miss a scheduled assessment. 
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